Dayton School District Reopening Plan Updated 8/17/2020

2020 / 2021 Dayton SD Reopening Plan


Changes and Additions for Monday August 17th (which section they are in)

Parent Community Plan:

❏  Changes and New Information:MS HS Master Schedule (Master Schedule)

❏  Facial Recognition (Process at Start of School)

❏  Staggered Start (First 2 weeks of School)

❏  Potential splitting up Elementary lunches (Breakfast and Lunch)

❏  Class postcard out Tuesday (Master Schedule)

❏  Drinking Fountains will be turned off (updates)

❏  Continued contacts with parents for special services and options(updates)

❏  Video of classrooms coming this week (updates)

Updates for this week:

The health department has recommended we turn off or bag all drinking fountains. We will encourage the use of water bottles, and provide cups inside every classroom so

students and staff can get a drink of water from the sinks or water bottle fillers.

Our special services staff will continue to reach out to parents and work out a plan for students that have an IEP.  Please call the district office if you would like a call and have not received one yet. As of today, we still have about 30 parents K-12 who we have been unable to reach or are still undecided whether their student will attend school or complete distant learning at home. We will continue to call these parents and later this week will drive by their houses.

We will send out some videos of classrooms and the schools this week to give everyone an idea of what the school will look like this year.


We are sharing the basic framework of what school in Dayton will look like in the fall and start to outline processes and procedures. We are still working out all the details concerning safety. We will post updates every Monday. We are happy to report that all students will be able to attend school all five days. We have changed the ending times. Dayton school district will provide any student K-12 with distance learning if that is the preference or requirement. We have contacted most parents but not all.  If you need distance learning from home for your student and we have not talked, please call the office. There are a few key state mandates that must be followed:

1) All students and staff will wear a face-covering except when a doctor's note or an IEP allows the exception.

2) All Classrooms will be set up to maintain six foot physical distancing protocols.

3) All staff and students will have their temperature checked every morning.

We split the plan into categories. They are listed below.   These plans, especially those regarding safety will change and get more complete over the next two weeks.

Please email Mr. Strot at with any questions, comments or concerns. You can also call the school at 509-382-2543 or his cell phone at 509-530-9373.  

1. Cleaning

2. Master Schedule

3. Students on an IEP

4. Students in Title 1 and LAP

5. Classroom

6. Breakfast and Lunch

7. The process at the start of school

8. The process at the end of school

9. What happens when someone gets sick, tests positive, etc

10. Staying home when sick and process to come back

11. Students not attending in person school:

12. Social-Emotional Needs

13. Distance Learning Plan 2.0 (just in case)

14. Technology Needs for staff and students

15. Athletics and Extracurricular activities

16. The First 2 weeks of school

17. August 20th Safety InService

18. Square footage and all students 6 feet apart

19. Transportation


We have ordered new equipment and extra supplies. We are considering hiring an extra custodian to help with the cleaning. A variety of employees will at times be involved in

cleaning. Additionally, we're going to engage the students. In each classroom we are creating a system where, as a student enters the classroom, they can grab a Kleenex, gloves, hand sanitizer, or a cleaning wipe right near the front door. At the grade school, teachers and students can use these supplies as needed. This is the same at the middle and high school but also, at every period change, every middle and high school student coming into the classroom will grab a wipe and sanitize the desk before sitting down.

Master Schedule:

We will be sending postcards out to all elementary parents identifying your students' teachers this Tuesday.

Below is a link to the 2020-2021 schedule for students, grades 6-12. Each day will begin  a t 8:15  and end at 12 :30 p.m .  W e will  follow a  “Red /Gold”  schedule.  Red  will  be periods 1-4 and Gold will be 1,5,6,7. Class periods 1-3 and 5, 6 will be 61 minutes each, 4 and 7 will be 60 minutes. Students will not eat lunch at school but will be given a lunch to take home at 12:30 if they so desire. Period 1 will be daily; the purpose is to build some continuity, work on Social/Emotional learning, and provide more face-to-face instruction instead of additional online instruction. Teachers will have an opportunity to keep this time consistent and build relationships with their students. Additionally, the afternoon will be  dedicated time for the teacher’s  lunch, planning and  working  with   students online and/or in the classroom (interventions, support and projects) focusing on periods 2-7. This also lends itself to a seamless movement into total distance learning should our circumstances change requiring any future closures of the school.

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please direct them to Kristina Brown, MS/HS principal at or you can reach her at 509-382-4775. HS_2020-2021_Schedule.pdf

The elementary school will be released at 2 PM. All teachers will have their planning time from 2 PM to 3:30 PM. Normally, elementary schools have specialists that come into the classroom during the day so the classroom teachers can get planning time. Dayton Elementary has 3 specialists. By asking teachers to work until 2 PM with no planning time, we can redeploy these specialist teachers to support our students. We will still have PE and music but they will be in partnership with the classroom teachers. The classroom teachers will be able to provide intervention to some students during PE and music time. The classroom teachers will be able to join with the specialists at times. We are not having a computer teacher this year. She will be our K-5 distance-learning teacher and staff resource for technology to aid in both classroom projects as well as distance learning; if we need to close down the school. We will be having a school-wide 30-minute requirement for reading each school night for all elementary students. 

At the elementary school, students will eat in their classrooms. At the middle and high school, this is much more difficult because of limited staff. This creates the perfect situation for the virus to take hold in our school and community; 30 minutes when 200 students are not wearing masks every day with very little monitoring. Also, the teachers are willing to create a flipped classroom, where they will provide instruction in the classroom and tasks, projects, and the use of creativity at home. For this reason, the middle and high school will be released at 12:30 each day. We will have buses at both 12:30 and 2 PM. Both middle and high school students will be able to stay and work until 2 PM in a staffed area such as the high school library. Both middle and high school students will also be able to work with a teacher from 1 PM to 2 PM. High school students may be allowed time for extended projects in AG, metal shop, woodshop, or computer lab from 1 PM to 2 PM or 1 PM to 3 PM. Work at home will complement the learning at school. This opportunity would allow us to teach or instill 21st Century skills such as planning, time management, perseverance, self-direction, self-discipline, problem-solving, technology, etc.

 The goal will be to go back to a regular schedule as soon as the threat of the virus is less intense. We could switch back at any time, but are hopeful for a return at the start of the second semester.

 At the middle school / high school, we will be implementing either a three period or four period schedule each day. We will update everyone on Monday.  With a three period day, each period would be about 75 minutes long.  Students would only need to move twice during the day.  Students would attend periods 1, 2 and 3 on one day, periods 4, 5 and 6 the next day and then back and forth. A four period day would be slightly different. We will implement a four period day if we cannot fit all classes into a six period day, given the requirement of all desks needing to be six feet apart.

Students on an IEP:

We are working hard to find new ways to accommodate and serve students in this challenging time.  As such, partnerships with parents and general education staff will be critical parts of our planning. Plans for students who are eligible for special education will be made on an individual basis through the IEP process.  At this time, we will not be implementing your student's Continuous Learning Plan; we will be implementing your student's IEP, which may need amendments.  Your student's special education case manager will be in contact with you to start COVID instructional programming.

Students in Title 1 and LAP:

We will continue to serve students in Title 1 and LAP. The exact model on how we will do this is still to be determined.


Keeping classrooms clean will be the primary responsibility of our custodians and the teacher but we will need students to help. Students will need to remain six feet apart. Students will need to wear their mask and / or face shield (this may change because of new state requirements). At the elementary level, if a student needs to remove their mask for a few minutes and they are six feet apart they can do that with the teacher's permission. The key thing to remember is six feet apart or 15 minutes. Teachers will be able to move around the room and get within a foot or two of a student to help them out, or to have a conversation.

 For student activities and lessons in the classroom, teachers will be able to have an activity where students get closer than six feet apart, it just won't last for more than 15 minutes. They will still need to be wearing their masks.

Breakfast and Lunch:

After getting additional guidance on having lunch in the cafeteria, we are going to look at having 3 lunches at the elementary school this year.  Lunch would last 15 to 20 minutes with recess lasting 10 to 15 minutes. In between each lunch, we will disinfect all tables. We should know by the end of Tuesday and will announce this.

 At the start of the school year, breakfast will be Grab & Go for all students. All elementary students are entitled to a free breakfast and lunch.  Middle and high students who qualify can receive a free and / or reduced cost breakfast and lunch. Elementary students will be able to eat breakfast in the multi-purpose room. They will need to stay six feet apart from each other. Middle and high school students will be eating breakfast in the high school gym.

 Lunch will also be Grab & Go. Students will eat in their classroom at the grade school (K-2 may eat in the cafeteria) and lunches will be delivered to the classrooms. We will have extra garbage cans both in the classrooms as well as in the hallways, and we will be picking up the trash directly after lunches from all classrooms.

The process at the start of school:

All grade school students will enter through the front doors where they will have their temperature taken and verify they are feeling okay. At that point, they can go to the multi-purpose room and eat breakfast or go outside until school begins.

Middle school students will enter through the south door of the middle school, and high school students will enter through the front door of the high school. All students must do this. If you are a high school student and you have AG 1st period, you must go through the front door of the high school, be checked in, and then go to AG. If you are a middle school student and have 1st period at the high school, you still must enter through the middle school first.

As you enter your school, you will walk past a device that will automatically check your temperature. There will be a staff member there in case the temperature is above 100.4. If a student's temperature is above 100.4, they will be taken to an isolation room in the grade school or middle-high school. These isolation rooms are being created this summer. We are going to use the existing offices. At the elementary school, we are going to make this a friendly place. This may be very scary for a student if they have a temperature. The devices we purchased have facial recognition. The system is a closed system so no pictures of students will be “in the cloud”. We plan to have the system download a report at the start of school of students who did not get checked. We will verify the absence, and if they aren't absent, we will immediately pull them from class. Due to the inability to print a report of who walked past the thermal scanner, we will start the year with two staff per device, one to make sure each temperature is taken and welcome the student to school and the other will check their name off.  Here is a link to an article on the thermal scanner:


The process at the end of school:

At the end of the day, all students will take a cleaning wipe and clean their desks at the middle and high school levels. At the elementary level, it will be up to the teacher to determine a cleaning procedure. The students at the middle and high school will take their Chromebook or laptop home. At the grade school, they will put their laptop back in the Chrome cart. Students will be able to stay after school with any teacher if the teacher has okayed this, always remembering the six feet apart and 15-minute rule.

Students will not be able to hang out in the hallways. The Club plans on opening and we will have a bus that runs to The Club after school.

What happens when someone gets sick, tests positive:

When a staff member or student gets sick, they cannot return until they have had no fever for 72 hours and if they choose not to get a COVID test, for an additional 10 days. If they get a test, and it is negative, they can return after they have had no fever for 72 hours without taking any medication to reduce fever. If a staff member or student tests positive, the health department takes the lead. They will conduct contact tracing. The

scenario is the same whether the staff member or student gets sick at school and tests positive, or is home over the weekend or at night or anytime, gets sick and tests positive. The health department will do contact tracing and anyone who was within six

feet of that staff member or student for more than 15 minutes will also have to get tested or be excluded from attending school.

More information directly from the State Department of Health will be sent home next week on safety.

Staying home when sick and process to come back:

All staff and students, if you're not feeling well, you need to stay home. If you have any of the symptoms of COVID-19, you need to stay home, and if they get worse, go get tested.

Students not attending in person school:

Students not attending in-person school will fall into two categories. The first will be distance learning with the Dayton School District. The second will be the home school where students will withdraw from Dayton School District. If a student is signed up for distance learning with Dayton School District, they will have a primary teacher assigned to them and other teachers potentially as a backup. We are still developing the plans for this. We are first determining how many students are doing this before we go any further.

Social-Emotional Needs:

We will be intentional in the first two weeks of school. Many students will struggle as we transition back to a regular school day. They will have been out of the classroom for five months. There may be anxiety, depression, lack of work ethic, enthusiasm for being back and learning, and many other challenges and emotions. There will also be anxiety over wearing a mask, dealing with the virus, and having education disrupted so greatly. Both staff and students will feel this. We will provide support as needed.

Distance Learning Plan 2.0 (just in case or when infections hit our community) Because of the dramatic rise in infections in different parts of the nation, combined with what seems to be a difficult winter ahead, a solid distance-learning plan for every teacher has become much more important. We are a small community and we could go from everything's fine to school shutting down in just a matter of a day or two. We need to be prepared. The state is using the metric of how many positive cases to determine whether the school should stay open. It will take only six positive cases over any two week period, within the entire community, to shut down schools for a period of time.

None of those cases need to be connected to the school for the school to be forced to shut down.

Teachers will view online or distance learning as part of their overall strategy. Distance learning will be part of a flipped classroom. Teachers will have curriculum, projects, materials, etc. that the student does at home that complements what they have been learning in the classroom. If we are out for a week or two, and then back to the classroom, it makes the transitions much better for student learning. We will integrate the CORE 4 of Google Classroom, Google Drive, Screencastify and Google Meets.

Each teacher will decide what the curriculum and lessons will be for their students, but we will work as a team to create an organized system for parents and students. Distance learning this school year will be different from the spring in that assignments will be graded and grades earned. We will strive to not overburden students but at the same time, we will have expectations. If students complete no work when we are at home in distance learning they will receive an F on these assignments. We will work with all students to provide an equitable learning environment. Please let us know if you need anything if we switch to distance learning. We will also use these plans when we have snow days, so we do not have to make up the days at the end of the school year.

 Depending upon guidance from the state and Columbia County Health, we may continue to have all staff come to work and some students continue coming to school during a school shutdown.

Technology Needs of staff and students:

Each student will be given a Chromebook for use throughout the year. At the grade school, these laptops will be stored in a chrome cart in every classroom. The teacher, at their discretion, can check out the laptops to the individual students. The key thing is

that students cannot trade laptops. Every grade school student is assigned the same laptop all year. At the middle and high school, we will check out laptops just like textbooks. The main office will have spare laptops that can be checked out if the student left their laptop at home. Teachers will have a few spares as well.

Each teacher will be given a document camera/web camera device. This can be used both in the classroom when we are in school as well as remotely if we go to distance learning. Teachers can record their lessons with this device and the video can be automatically uploaded to Google Classroom. This allows students to view the lesson later on their laptops if they are in school and it may be used as a tool to help students who must or choose to stay home with distance learning all year.

Athletics and Extracurricular Activities:

WIAA has rearranged the sports seasons this year. There will be 4 seasons this year. The traditional fall sports will occur in season 3 in the spring. There are no fall sports. At this point, season 2 sports (traditional winter sports) are due to start in mid-December. We have heard nothing definite about extracurricular activities such as FBLA, Youth and Government, Honor Society, FFA and Knowledge Bowl. Guidance from the state says we need to be in phase 4 with virtually no positive cases within the previous two weeks to even consider sports.

The First 2 weeks of School:

All teachers will take some time during the first 2 weeks of school to help get all students settled in as best they can while finding out their needs and letting them know we all care and are here for them. We will address issues that are important to them as well as teach important reminders such as handwashing and how to do it correctly. These topics will be delivered in person as well as via video. Our hope is by “easing in” the rest of the school year will go more smoothly for our students. We will also “distance learn” while in the classroom to practice what we are asking them to do when and if we are back in distance learning. Students will visualize they are at the kitchen table while in the classroom and complete tasks and projects.

We will have a staggered opening for this school year.  Final details will be released next week.  At this point K-1st, 6th and 9th will attend the first day, August 25th, 2nd-

3rd, 7th and 10th will attend the second day, August 26th and 4th-5th, 8th and 11-12 will attend the third day, August 27th. All students will attend starting on day four, August

28th. We are considering revising the staggered start from 3 days to 2 days. We will make this decision on Monday. Kindergarten will be on a different staggered start schedule.

August 20th Inservice on Safety:

All staff will be learning about and discussing safety with both Columbia County Public Health and the Columbia County Health System the entire day of August 20th. We are taking staff and student safety very seriously. Details of this will be provided soon.

Square Footage and number of students:

We have calculated the square footage of every classroom at the grade school and determined that all students can attend school all five days and be six feet apart while in the classroom.

We also calculated the square footage at the middle and high school and will ensure we abide by the six-foot requirement while building the master schedule. The master schedule will be completed before registration begins. 


We will continue to offer regular bus transportation. We will have hand sanitizer available for those who want it as you enter the bus.  Masks will be required for all students except with a doctor’s note. We will not be taking the temperature of students as they enter the bus. We will seat families together and keep students six feet apart as best we can but as we enter town for pickups, this will not be possible in many situations.

District Reopening Plan - Updated August 17th