Message from Dayton & Waitsburg Superintendents

September 4, 2020

To:          Parents and Guardians within the Dayton and Waitsburg School District

 From:     Mark Pickel and Guy Strot, Superintendents

Subject:  No new choice requests accepted this year between Dayton and Waitsburg

This is a challenging year for all school districts.  We have decided it is in the best interest of both school districts to not allow any new choice requests this year from each other.  Parents can still choose to apply for choice transfers into other districts if they desire, but not between Waitsburg and Dayton.  If a Waitsburg family attended Dayton last year they can continue in Dayton this year.  If a Dayton family attended Waitsburg last year, they can continue in Waitsburg this year.    

We will revert to a case by case basis for the 2021 / 2022 school year.

Thank you