Covid Update

January 8, 2020

To:          Parents and Guardians

From:      Guy Strot

Subject:   Covid Update #2

Yesterday I reported we had 2 staff members who tested positive and 4 staff members in quarantine this week. We have had no additional staff members test positive for Covid.  Whenever a staff member tests positive, we notify parents of students who were around that staff member, which we have done.  In addition, Columbia County Public Health conducts contact tracing and notifies the parents of any students who need to be quarantined.  No students needed to be quarantined as a result of contact with these staff members.

We had one student test positive yesterday.  As in the case of staff, we notify the parents of any child who is in a class with any student who tests positive.  We contacted those parents yesterday via both email and text.  

We have subs for all six staff members who are out today.  I want to thank all of our substitutes for helping us keep in-person school going for our students, and all our staff members who come to school every day and work hard under these trying circumstances.  

As always, email me at or call the district office (509-382-2543) or my cell phone (509-530-9373)  with any questions, comments or concerns.

Go Bulldogs!

Guy Strot
Superintendent of Schools