Message from AD

The Combine Committee will be meeting on Monday, January 3rd at 6:30 PM in the Dayton HS library.  These meetings are not subject to the Open Public Meetings Act and so are closed to the general public, but if you would like to have your comments/questions added to the agenda you may contact Athletic Director Sam Korslund at  You can also contact your Community Representative or School Board Representative to the Committee:

Community Rep: Jeremy Trump (
School Board Rep: Jeff McCowen (

Community Rep: Charlie Barron (
School Board Rep: Sarah Boudrieau (

You can also go to for more information on the Combine Committee including the Bylaws governing the Committee and for future notice of meetings.  All actions taken by the Committee will also be reported monthly to each School Board.

Sam KorslundAthletic Director
Dayton-Waitsburg Wolfpack

(509) 382-4775 x. 239