Plans for Fall

July 7, 2020 

To:                  Dayton School District Parents

From:             Guy Strot, Superintendent

Subject:         Process to plan for school in the fall


My wife Denise and I are very excited to be here in Dayton and have moved into our house, although there are still boxes everywhere.  We are looking forward to discovering the area this summer.

These are not normal times so my start here will be a little different than I had planned.  The Covid virus means school will not look the same this fall, but we must plan the best we can to provide the safest and most student focused learning environment.  To that end, my first job will be creating the plan with the collaboration of staff, parents, students and the community partners such as the health department.  Below I have listed out the process that we will follow. 

I would love to meet with any of you (with or without your student) regarding your thoughts on Covid, the plan to open in the fall or any other subject.  I am available to meet in person, over the phone, via video or email.  We can meet morning, noon or evening during the week or on weekends if that is better for your schedule.  My email address is, the district office number is 509-382-2543 and my cell phone is 509-530-9373.

You will see regular communications from me on the progress of our plan.  You will also see a more traditional introduction later this summer.

Go Bulldogs

The Process


Overall goals:

  • K-12 attend school all 5 days (Preschool 4 days)
  • Have a distance learning 2.0 plan just in case
  • Create a plan for full time distance learning for those needing it.
  • Listen to all staff, parents and community.
  • Empower staff to help create the final plan.


1st week of July

  • Walk the school and calculate the square footage of every room in the district. Create a spreadsheet with the information.  Use blueprints if they are available.
  • Send out communications to staff via email, parents via Skyward and the community via District website / Social Media / Community Reader Board.
  • Meet with the health department.
  • Create a Google Doc with Q and A and unanswered questions for all staff to communicate
  • Try and find more guidance from the state and read other school plans.

2nd week of July

  • Begin developing a tentative plan with Google Docs to be viewed by staff.  Create a sister Google Doc with issues, comments and questions on the tentative plan.
  • Meet with anyone who would like to meet.
  • Create a list of students with underlying conditions, which may make traditional school a challenge.
  • Call all parents of students who may have an underlying condition.  Find out the facts and let them know we want them to be our students, whether they have to learn at home, at school or a combination of some sort.
  • Send out a survey to parents.  Email out the questions to staff first for feedback.

3rd week of July

  • Analyze the data from the parent survey.
  • Update the tentative plan to a draft plan with more information.
  • Continue to add to the Q and A / unanswered questions document.
  • Continue to meet with people as needed.
  • Meet with the health department to discuss the draft plan.

4th week of July

  • Update the draft plan to a final draft plan.
  • Continue to meet with people.
  • Review OSPI for any last-minute guidance and update the Q and A / unanswered questions document.

1st week in August

  • Monday, August 3rd will be the Special Ed Committee meeting to collaborate and agree on a final plan.
  • Tuesday, August 4th will be the Elementary School Committee meeting to collaborate and agree on a final plan.
  • Wednesday, August 5th will be the MS / HS Committee meeting to collaborate and agree on a final plan.
  • Friday, August 7th, the final plans will be released to parents and community.