Mrs. McGhan's Kindergarten Class "I Can!"

A new display is available for viewing at the Dayton School District Office. Mrs. McGhan's Kindergarten class has brightened our walls with splashes of fall colors and images of bears, sunflowers and leaves. They are beautifully displaying their new found skills of texture, shape and lines. Each picture is crafted with little hands and open minds.  The project is called "I Can" and demonstrates how students are learning to use every day items or shapes inspired by nature to create and display artistic masterpieces. 

Carefully crafted lessons are teaching them to conceptualize illustrations in a story and discover why a picture was chosen to reflect a part of the story. When turning to their worktables they are discovering  math and literacy while engaging in hands-on learning. They can discover the different elements of an illustration and reflect back to the placement of the shape and why it needed to be placed in a specific spot. 

"I Can" is a powerful statement of independence and empowerment. I encourage you to stop by and pick up a little inspiration for yourself. Next time you pass by the District Office, stop in and enjoy this beautiful display. You might just find yourself saying "I Can!"