Please take our survey

March 25, 2021

To:                   Parents , Guardians & Community Members

From:               Guy Strot, Superintendent

Subject:           Please take a few minutes and help us improve our schools.

In order for us to continue to improve as a school district and as a school, it is important for us to understand stakeholder perceptions about the job we are doing in providing a quality education for all of our children.  Your feedback is crucial and we want to know what you observe as our strengths and our opportunities for growth.  The best way to gather this information is to survey our parents/guardians using a survey developed by the Center for Educational Effectiveness.

Dayton Schools are partnering with the Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE) to administer the Educational Effectiveness Survey (EES) to all stakeholders. The surveys will provide us with information and feedback within the research-based frameworks of the Characteristics of High Performing Schools and CASEL (Social-Emotional Learning). 

Over the last 20 years, the EES survey has been used in over 280 districts. Based on these experiences, here are some details:

  • This data is formative, not evaluative.  There is no “final score” that indicates “good” or “bad”.  Data will be used to stimulate improvement conversations with staff and leadership committees.
  • The primary unit of analysis is “the building”.  There are some “district” level items and these will specifically reference “In this district...”.   Each building will receive their building-level reports and the district leadership team will receive district-level summary reports.
  • The survey is confidential and anonymous. CEE will protect the confidentiality of each respondent. As a matter of CEE operational protocol—data is not disaggregated into groups smaller than 10.

To gather this information, we are asking that you take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete this brief survey by clicking on the link below.

 Survey Link:  Dayton SD: EES Parent Survey Link

                                   Community Survey Link

We value your input as we strive to continue to improve our school.  Thank you for your feedback.