Highly Capable Program

Students who are highly capable perform or have the potential for performing at significantly advanced academic levels when compared with others their age, experience, or environments.  Students can be nominated based on state assessment scores as well as classroom-based assessments and/or teacher/parent observations.  Services for students identified as highly capable students in Dayton may include, but are not limited to, alternate classroom activities, independent projects, increased depth & complexity of tasks, flexible grouping, online course supplements, walk to read/math, advance placement classes, college in the HS, and/or running start.  If you wish to nominate a student, please complete the forms.  If you have questions please contact Mrs. Brown (kristinab@daytonsd.org) or Ms. Frankie (kristenf@daytonsd.org) or call 509-382-4775. Registration closes March 18, 2022.

Parent Registration Form

Parent Checklist