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Please take a moment to read the attached message from Interim Superintendent Rich Stewart. This message is being sent to all parents as well.

Dear Dayton Families:

       The social media platform, Tik-Tok, is challenging people to participate in the "One-Chip Challenge".  This is a very dangerous challenge and I encourage you to monitor your children carefully. The challenge encourages people to post their reactions after eating a chip laced with Caroline Reaper Pepper and Scorpion Pepper, then wait as long as possible before drinking or eating anything.  These peppers are part of the same ingredients found in pepper spray.  Some students have been sent to the hospital with multiple adverse symptoms, including vomiting, increased heart rates, and more.  At this time, we do not have any reported cases. However, a district in our region has reported some of their students being sent to the hospital as a result of this challenge.

       Again, thank you for trusting us with your children as we try to keep them safe and healthy.