Former Student Works with MS English Class

Eric Laib, a senior at EWU and the son of DSD staff member Polla Laib, recently talked with MS students in Mr. McCann’s English class about his major (computer science/ 3D animation) and what to expect in college.

9th Grade PE

Chuck Amerein, a certified cross fit instructor, introduces the 9th grade PE class to some basic exercises. Mr. Amerein was a guest instructor for the day as a change of pace to what the class routinely does.

PE Class Works on Fitness

Chuck Amerein, a certified cross fit instructor, introduces the 1st period 7th and 8th grade PE class to some basic exercises.

Classes Working Together

Mrs. Henderson's middle school students work with Mrs. Richards' 5th grade students on teaching fractions.

80's Day in the Elementary

Mrs. Richards' class is all dressed up for "80's" day.

Seahawk Spirit!!

5th graders celebrate "12th Man" Blue Friday at Ski Bluewood to show support for the Seattle Seahawks.

Cool Chemistry Show

4th graders visit Mr. Yenney's Chemistry class for the "Cool Chemistry Show".

Chemistry Class Demonstration

HS students demonstrate chemistry concepts to 4th graders

HS Chemistry Class

HS students explain concepts to 4th graders during the Cool Chemistry Show.

HS Senior Science

Students in senior science work in the lab during the DNA Barcode of Life Science Project.

HS Senior Science

Students work together on a science project

Senior Science

A HS student works on a science experiment.

High School Biology

Biology students practice skills of biotechnology.

HS Biology

Students work on an Amgen Biotech experiment.

HS Biology

Students in Mr. Yenney's class work on a biology experiment.
Apr 16 2014 We are in need of volunteers to work the HS track meets on 4/16 and 4/30.  Both meets will begin at 3:30 pm and finish around 6:30 or 7:00 pm. For more information please contact Heather Clarys at 382-4775.

Message from the Superintendent

Superintendent Johnson's letter to parents and community members.

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